Automation technology

Optimization of automation systems with flexible control solutions

October 23, 2023

Customer: Indunorm Bewegungstechnik GmbH
Partner: DynaMotion
Application: modular kit for handling systems

Indunorm Bewegungstechnik GmbH is an established company that has been offering leading development, manufacturing and sales solutions for linear guides and handling systems for more than 50 years. With a broad portfolio of in-house developments, including linear axis robots and automation systems from the Indumatik series, the company has established itself as a reliable partner in mechanical engineering.

In his function as Head of Software Development, Thorsten Ewert became aware of Berghof due to the discontinuation of the previous control systems. "Our goal was to integrate the robust Berghof control systems into our Indumatik series, including pallet, part and tool changing systems," says Thorsten Ewert, describing the initial situation of the project.



In order to handle large workpieces and heavy weights in a small space, Indunorm Bewegungstechnik has further developed the proven technology of the Indumatik® UL, making it even more flexible in terms of workpiece size and weight. 1 kg or 300 kg - the Indumatik® UL 300 handles your workpieces quickly and easily.

During the implementation phase, the limited time available for commissioning proved to be a hurdle. Fortunately, Indunorm was able to overcome these problems thanks to the support of external consultants such as Klaus-Dieter Adrian from Berghof and Bartholomäus Richter from Dynamotion. The pragmatic help from the experts at Berghof and Dynamotion significantly shortened the commissioning time.

Berghof's sales/service and Indunorm's software development departments were closely involved throughout the process to ensure that the Berghof controllers were seamlessly integrated into the automation systems.

The control solution used includes the B-Primis DC-Pro display control system and the B-Fortis CC-Slim all-in-one compact control system.

The integration of the Berghof control solution led to several positive results: Indunorm developed a modular construction kit for handling systems that enables a standardized software basis for all their handling systems. Thanks to the interface between the "CODESYS configuration hardware" and its logic, only the hardware required in each case is used, depending on the application. This is made possible by parameter files that are read and processed during runtime.

The Berghof control system also makes it possible to integrate different kinematics into CODESYS and control them via the Indunorm sequence program, which considerably increases the flexibility and performance of the automation systems.

In future, the Berghof control solution will be used to control purchased industrial robots with more complex kinematics.

"Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the Berghof control solution, as it has helped us to optimize our automation systems, facilitate the integration of new technologies and increase the performance of our products."

Thorsten Ewert, Head of Software Development, Indunorm

Future challenges and conclusion

The industry faces challenges such as remote maintenance, simple operation and the integration of flexible axis systems for robotics. The Berghof control solution proves to be advantageous here, as it offers a consistent solution for different control types and impresses with its reliability.


Indunorm Bewegungstechnik is once again relying on Berghof control technology for the latest generation of the Indumatik series.