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RTS - rail test system

Better safe than sorry – our testing technology for rail components


The Rail Test System (RTS) is an intelligent, modular test system for functional testing of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical components from rail vehicles of all types.

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Your partner for test systems since 2004

Customized testing solutions with RTS:

  • Traction motors, all series

  • Complete drives

  • Gearbox with and without wheelset

  • Generators

  • Powerpack

  • Compressors

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Linear drives (tilting technology)

  • Fan systems

  • Power electronics (GTO, IGBT)

  • Operating systems

  • Point machines

  • Brake elements

Convincing arguments for RTS

A high level of quality, two decades of experience, qualified employees and modular techniques based on industrial standards deliver not only innovative but also highly efficient product results.

  • Complete range of services starting with analysis and planning through installation to commissioning

  • Project planning, realization and commissioning of test benches

  • Customized solutions based on industrial standards

  • Reduced follow-up costs due to technical progress

  • High degree of automation in the test sequence

  • More than 18 years of experience on national as well as international level

  • Productivity increase across all inspection process levels

  • Fast and cost-effective adaptation to changing test processes

  • Compact and space-saving design with best possible performance

  • Automatic handling systems

  • Interface management

  • Data management

  • High safety standard and occupational safety

  • 24/7 on-call and maintenance service

  • Briefings and training

Examples of test systems

RTS convinces with an optimal adaptation to a wide range of test conditions. Set-up times are minimized by intelligent mechanics with quick adaptations. In addition, throughput is increased by optimized test sequences. In this way, we systematically reduce costly repeat testing. These factors make a decisive contribution to maximum efficiency at all process levels.

Berghof Automation has a comprehensive product portfolio of complete solutions. The range of services extends from individual test stations to large-scale test benches. 

  • Machine foundations and test cabins (vibration damped, soundproofed)

  • Test mechanics (test piece fixtures, interchangeable fixtures)

  • Power engineering

  • Complete measurement and control technology

  • Switch cabinet construction (planning and production)

  • Installation (assembly of the complete test system on site)

  • Comprehensive software package

  • Planning, risk assessment and hazard analysis

  • Service and maintenance

RTS – successfully applied

In order for us to develop solutions quickly and efficiently, it is important to always act close to the customer. In addition to in-depth industry knowledge and extensive product know-how, it is the physical proximity that makes working together effective.

Usability – the easiest way to keep track of things

The simple and intuitive usability of a software system is an important quality factor for every user. The interface of Berghof RTS follows all aspects of the most important usability specifications.

  • Navigation and orientation

  • Interaction and information exchange

  • Modernity and quality

  • Information and text design

  • Location and access friendliness

  • Takes into account different experiences

  • Feedback on actions of the user

  • Completed operations

  • Prevent errors

  • Simple reset options

  • User defined inputs

  • Low load on short-term memory

RTS Info Brochure for download

Download our handy brochure now: Here we have summarized all the important information on the Rail Test System for you in compact form.