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October 27, 2022

The new “Raspberry Pi” industrial controller B-Nimis MC Pi-Prime from Berghof pushes the boundaries in terms of performance despite its extremely compact dimensions.

The company specializing in electric drive technology DynaMotion likes to rely on Berghof control solutions for its projects because of their high performance and flexibility.

The two companies recently worked together and successfully implemented an application with an extremely sophisticated path calculation. The B-Nimis MC Pi-Prime – the new “Raspberry Pi” industrial controller plays a key role in this. from Berghof pushes the boundaries in terms of performance despite its extremely compact dimensions.

Since 2006, the name DynaMotion has stood for customized, turnkey system solutions in the field of electric drive technology. Based in Illmenau in Thuringia, the company works independently of manufacturers – but is happy to rely on Berghof solutions, especially for demanding projects.

DynaMotion and Berghof: Evolving partnership

“There are three things that are crucial for us here: Berghof’s solutions offer plenty of performance and allow us the greatest possible flexibility thanks to the open system architecture. In addition, we feel well looked after in every aspect at Berghof”., reports Stefan Schmitz-Galow, Technical Managing Director at DynaMotion.

This long-standing partnership proves its worth above all when things get really tricky – as was recently the case with an application involving extremely demanding path calculations, which DynaMotion and Berghof successfully implemented together.

Test system optimized and safely implemented in accordance with the European Machinery Directive

The task didn’t sound that tricky at first. The client – Carbospacetech from Immenstaad on Lake Constance, which specializes in individual carbon solutions for the aerospace industry – had developed and built a test facility for the production of carbon panels for solar arrays. This is what experts call the solar sails that satellites use to capture the power of the sun in space to supply themselves with energy.

However, this test facility did not provide functional safety. According to the results of the test runs completed with the prototype, the path calculation was not the final story.
DynaMotion now had to convert the basic structure of the test system into a safe production machine that complies with the European Machinery Directive – and to ensure even better results in terms of quality and quantity through optimized path calculation, while at the same time improving operability.

“We regularly use the B-Primis DC-Prime 15 controller in our projects. Therefore, we initially planned to use this controller for this project as well. We also used a bus coupler with integrated I/Os. In consultation with Berghof, for safety we selected a safe B-Nimis SC-1000 controller and a safe module with safe inputs and outputs and FSoE”, says Stefan Schmitz-Galow, looking back.

However, as is so often the case with automation projects, it became apparent during the project that an optimal solution could only be found by taking a different route.

Complex path calculation ruins the original plan

In order to exploit the full potential of carbon as a material and manufacture components that are both light and rigid, the machine must design ultra-fine carbon threads that are highly precise and load-bearing. It is also important for Carbospacetech to be able to intervene in the process at any time.

This means it needs to be able to stop the path calculation “on the fly” and restart it at the same point or make modifications. The path calculation is correspondingly complex.

Over the course of the project, it became apparent that the computing power of the Berghof PLC originally selected by DynaMotion was not sufficient for this complex path calculation.

But Berghof quickly came up with a suitable solution. On the recommendation of the controller’s developers, DynaMotion also installed the B-Nimis MC Pi-Prime in the plant – the new “Raspberry Pi” industrial controller from Berghof, which pushes the boundaries in terms of performance despite its extremely compact dimensions.

“Even this extremely demanding path calculation runs smoothly on this compact calculator”says Stefan Schmitz-Galow, impressed.

With this new concept, DynaMotion and Berghof have created a highly efficient and safe production machine for Carbospacetech, which will even be able to meet the high demands of the production of carbon-fiber composites, both now and in the future.

For Stefan Schmitz-Galow, this is a result that whets the appetite for more: “Berghof’s solution is expected to become the future standard at DynaMotion in three- to five-axis gantries with functional safety and path calculation. This also applies to other industries with similar gantries.”