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CODESYS – an optimal foundation

Especially topics such as compatibility and openness are important criteria for our customers. That is why we have consistently relied on the open control platform CODESYS V3 for many years. The unique flexibility and functionality of the CODESYS software platform, one of the most widely used programming tools in the world, are highly convincing on every level.

CODESYS development system

The platform is based on the IEC 61131-3 programming tool “CODESYS Development System”. This programming language enhances the software lifecycle and facilitates tasks such as requirements analyses, design, construction, testing, validation, installation, operation and maintenance.

The platform used in Berghof controllers is Linux, which makes it easy to combine many different software modules.

A variety of programming languages

CODESYS supports the programming languages AWL, KOP, FUP, ST, AS and CFC. This enables the effortless implementation of applications with complex, distributed architectures. As an engineering tool that has proven its worth across the globe, CODESYS has gradually established itself as an international standard.

The software enables programmable visualization as well as programmable safety and motion control. All of this functionality is also available in ready-to-use modules from software libraries.

Benefits of the open CODESYS standard

  • No proprietary solutions – use of 3S standard solutions and functions
  • CODESYS V3 is free of charge – after a one-time purchase of the company target license, further standard updates from 3S are free of charge
  • Simple upgrading and downgrading between the different CODESYS versions according to your requirements
  • No restrictions on the devices that can be used
  • No restrictions on the use of third-party libraries
  • Very easy to switch from other standard V3 platforms to the Berghof system
  • Unrestricted use of the software available in the CODESYS Store
  • Compatibility with various plug-ins and extensions

Free software options provided by the Berghof standard:

  • Unit-based analog inputs that do not require conversion
  • Application protection through hardware integration
  • configurable boot logo
  • configurable web logo
  • configurable control buttons
  • Operating hours counter
  • CODESYS Security Manager for encryption and certificates
  • DHCP client for automatic IP configuration
  • HTTPS web config
  • Internal diagnostic memory (diagnostic log for offline error analysis)
  • IP configuration via a display menu
  • Configuration possibility for a 2nd IP address on Ethernet interfaces
  • Multi-touch function
  • Screenshot function
  • Target visualization
  • Temperature sensor
  • Web-based configuration interface
  • Additional fonts
  • Support of time zones, incl. summer/winter time
  • Certificate-based security
  • CODESYS runtime license