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BLU platform

BLU - operations control system for transshipment stations

Optimally sorted with BLU

Increasing global trade requires intelligent transport solutions that are individually tailored to the mode of transport with an optimal transport time.

The solution is called combined transport.

BLU 2.0 is a modern terminal management system for transshipment stations in combined transport that optimally combines the strengths of different modes of transport quickly, safely and economically.

20 % more handling volumes without infrastructure measures

With BLU, the foundation has been laid to handle combined transport faster and more efficiently. This is an important prerequisite for enabling a further shift of goods flows to rail and further relieving the roads.

The reasons are:

  • Significant increase in efficiency due to more output with the same surface area

  • Shortened lead times

  • Knowing where which container is located at any time

  • All services are documentable, calculable and billable

  • Over 20 years system supplier for terminals throughout Europe

Convincing advantages

  • Process reliability

All costs are documentable, calculable and billable.

  • Time saving

Shortened turnaround times for containers, trucks and cranes.

  • Loading locating

Know where which container is at any time. No more need to search the footprint.

  • Reliability

The most advanced engineering guarantees high technical availability of the plant. (> 98%)

  • Complete solution

Management of all information in one system. Batch control and depot management mean that no further interfaces are required. Thus all important information at a glance!

  • Space usage

Increased efficiency through more output with the same area – thus full utilization of the existing infrastructure (crane, track extension).

  • Order security

Secure wagon master data management ensures no more incorrect cranks.

  • Flexible, compatible

RU provides basic data on train and loading units. BLU returns the final data to RU.

  • User-friendly

Intuitive BLU software interface enables improved data handling between dispatcher and crane operator.

  • Service

Process analysis / project support / employee training, 24/7 service can be booked

BLU 2.0 core system

The heart and the pulse

The BLU 2.0 core system is a modularly designed operations control system that very efficiently controls and regulates all processes of a content terminal. It maps the terminal processes from pre-carriage through the main run to the post-carriage of the shipments.

The system supports the following operational processes:

• Rail input, road output

• Input road, output rail

• Parking space management and gateway

Comprehensive interfaces to all areas in and around the terminal are the requirement for a modern terminal management system.

Key features (click to open)
  • Data provision for billing system

All relevant data for billing can be provided on a customer-specific basis and retrieved automatically

  • Statistical evaluation

All movements and processes recorded in BLU 2.0 are statistically recorded and kept for any period of time. This data is processed and made available in various evaluations (e.g. inputs and outputs, throughput times, etc.). Further evaluations can be added on a customer-specific basis.

  • Intelligent parking space allocation

BLU 2.0 determines the optimal parking space for delivered loading units. In case of existing bookings on an outbound train, the load unit will be loaded directly onto a wagon if possible. If a wagon is not yet free or available, BLU 2.0 positions the load unit as close as possible to the destination wagon for a short loading distance. In addition, various criteria for parking space management can be configured.

  • Information system

Customers can use a separate web platform to find out about the current status of a loading unit in the terminal.

  • Multilingualism

BLU 2.0 supports multiple languages (currently German and Norwegian) and can be extended by any language at any time.

  • Customized design

BLU 2.0 can be quickly and easily adapted to the respective corporate design – for example, through individual color schemes and customer logos.

Interfaces (click to open)
  • WMS – Warehouse Management System

- Interface to request crane at LVs, which manages the depot (hazardous material storage!)
- Automatic control of cranes for processing – crane automation; remote control of cranes.

  • TIS – Train Information System

- Message BLU to TIS: Train arrivals and departures to central information system
- Receiving train running information from TIS to BLU (arrival forecast, delays, etc.)

  • RU – Railway undertaking

- Interface for the exchange of booking and pre-announcement data between the RU and BLU 2.0
- Update of loading unit status changes are also transmitted to RUs

  • GOS – Gate Operation System

Interface for the detection of incoming and outgoing trucks with cargo and automatic barrier control for access control

  • Check-in system

Interface to send data from pre-inspection (visual inspection for damage etc.) from check-in system to BLU

  • Slot management

- Interface through which truck drivers can book time slots for delivery or pickup
- Check if delivery/collection allowed
- Automation of the delivery and collection process
- Optimization of traffic inflow and outflow at the terminal through pre-controllable truck arrivals

  • Business Intelligence System

Customized provision of all relevant data for business intelligence systems

  • Crane path optimization

Connection to a system for determining and processing cranes in a terminal

BLU 2.0 function

No crane without order

BLU 2.0 offers significantly improved control of the process organization as well as shorter crane and throughput times for the trucks.

Objective: Ensuring an economically optimized and continuous transport chain.

BLU 2.0 interface

Optimal overview in the terminal

A clear interface is the key to success for BLU 2.0.

The user wants to reach his goal quickly and effortlessly without having to learn the internal workings of the product. The interface of BLU 2.0 on the one hand gives a feeling of control and on the other hand does not allow any mistakes. It focuses on the essentials, is unobtrusive in design and durable. 


Selected features of the interface:

  • In the graphical overview, the tracks, driving, loading and parking lanes are clearly displayed.
  • The containers are positioned on the carrier trolley by drag-and-drop.
  • The colors quickly provide information about the status of the load unit. Thus, input charging units are shown in yellow and output charging units in green. Loading units containing dangerous goods are also marked in red.
  • The pictograms of the carrying wagons and special wagon information are provided from a master file containing all carrying wagons used in combined transport.
  • With a mouse click on a wagon unit or a wagon, additional information can be viewed.

  • The crane orders contain the character, number and size of the loading unit and the source of the crane order.

  • Furthermore, dangerous goods information, the license plate number of the trucks as well as the destination and any additional information are displayed.

BLU 2.0 interface – example




Berghof has been a system supplier for terminals in Europe for more than 20 years. 
This experience provides security for the cost-optimized realization of all projects.

BLU locations in Germany, Poland, Austria and Norway:

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