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Retrofit with Berghof – as good as new, but much cheaper

The smart upgrade for the secure future of your production plant, transport system or sorting system

Prevention is better than cure: Make your aging production plant, transport system or sorting system fit for the future again now – before an expensive plant breakdown forces you to do so.

The ravages of time naturally also gnaw away at industrial automation solutions. This is because development is proceeding at a rapid pace in this area in particular. Important functional enhancements or urgently needed spare parts are therefore not or no longer available even for many still fully functional systems.

It is risky if you ignore this issue in the long run: You are then threatened not only with competitive disadvantages because your production costs and maintenance costs can no longer keep up with the best competitors. In extreme cases, this can even lead to – partial or complete – production downtimes, the financial damage of which can possibly threaten the very existence of your company.

Vehicle control application example

  • Renewed vehicle control system with drive, PLC, sensors and actuators.

  • The heart and brains of vehicles in large materials handling systems, e.g. in the food or automotive industries.

Existentially threatening production losses?

Don't let it get to that point. Talk to us now​​​​​​​ and let Berghof bring your production plant, transport system or sorting system back up to date with a retrofit concept individually tailored to your company.

You have read correctly: In the vast majority of cases, it is NOT necessary to replace your entire system – at least at Berghof.

Because for us, the focus is always on the optimal solution for your company. This may well be only the renewal of a few components, such as only the control system(s). Existing technology such as control cabinets, cabling or drive technology, on the other hand, can often be incorporated into the modernized plant. This saves money and time.

Our experts support and take over the complete process of upgrading and retrofitting so that your plant is once again operating with maximum efficiency at the cutting edge of automation technology: from analysis, product selection and project planning, to programming, installation, commissioning and training.

Often, a retrofit of the plant can even be implemented during operation. If not, we guarantee minimum downtimes of your production plant, transport system or sorting plant and take care of a cost-optimized implementation.

Ensuring compatibility with existing equipment and mixed operation with old and new technology is a focus we place great emphasis on at Berghof.

In order to guarantee the retrofitting of further functions and to be able to react optimally to any situation, we also keep your old control system(s) available as a backup.

Your most important advantages at a glance:

  • Increase production volume and product quality through key functional enhancements
  • Ensure the supply of spare parts, today and in the future
  • Minimize downtime and service uncertainties
  • Predictive maintenance: Precise advance planning of maintenance based on process and machine data
  • Retrofitting of automation technology possible at any time
  • Significantly cheaper than the total replacement of the plant
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Fast availability

Our joint path to success – the 5 phases of retrofitting with Berghof:


1. Analysis:

We examine your plant with a focus on "searching for sensible modernization approaches" in order to prepare the best possible solution for you

2. Planning:

We prepare an offer and adapt our concept to your wishes

3. Programming:

Combination of migration of the existing program with new functions or re-setting of the logic

4. Assembly/Commissioning:

We replace your main control and/or your equipment controls with newly programmed equipment and put the system into operation

5. Service:

We accompany you through production and serve as a contact point for all the questions you may have before, during and after the process


Enjoy all the benefits of your retrofitted system