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CODESYS & Berghof training courses

CODESYS & Berghof training courses

The effectiveness of your solution depends on the optimum interaction between Berghof’s technology, the programmers and the users

As one of the first companies in the automation industry, we have a unique pool of knowledge and a strong service mentality.

CODESYS development system

The platform is based on the IEC 61131-3 programming tool “CODESYS Development System”. This programming language enhances the software lifecycle and facilitates tasks such as requirements analyses, design, construction, testing, validation, installation, operation and maintenance.

CODESYS supports the programming languages AWL, KOP, FUP, ST, AS and CFC. This enables the effortless implementation of applications with complex, distributed architectures. As an engineering tool that has proven its worth across the globe, CODESYS has gradually established itself as an international standard. The software enables programmable visualization as well as programmable safety and motion control. All of this functionality is also available in ready-to-use modules from software libraries.

The platform used in Berghof controllers is Linux, which makes it easy to combine many different software modules.

We would like to pass on this experience to you and therefore offer various customized training modules around the topic of Berghof automation and CODESYS V3:

Module 1: Introduction to CODESYS V3 and Berghof controllers:
Study in a small group and quickly learn the essential functions of Berghof controllers and the key elements of CODESYS V3.

Module 2: Introduction to CODESYS V3 Softmotion:
Learn the basic functions of CODESYS V3 SoftMotion and drive configuration.

Module 3: Porting a CODESYS V2.3 project to CODESYS V3:
Learn all the required measures for the port and test what you have learned on a CODESYS SoftPLC.

Module 4: Introduction to object-oriented programming:
Learn how to develop your own projects in CODESYS V3.

Module 5: Optional topics:
Based on practical exercises, try to solve freely selectable problems with CODESYS V3.