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IBIS platform

IBIS - safety system for maintenance workshops

Save costs by staying safe


With IBIS, the modular I, Bcontrol, Iinformation and Ssafety system for small, medium and large maintenance plants, you always have an overview of all machine conditions and maintenance processes.

Small causes – big effect

Every year, major financial losses result from the failure of rail vehicles with their complex mechanical systems, which are made up of many subsystems. It is precisely here that small causes often have a big impact, because in a utilization geared to availability, vehicle failures have massive consequences.

Extensive data collection helps to prevent expensive repairs or vehicle failures and enables preventive activities to be initiated in good time. Replacing components precisely before they reach critical wear levels significantly reduces the number of failures. However, this can only be achieved with a sensibly coordinated maintenance concept. This saves money on unnecessary downtime and gets the vehicles back on track faster.

On your mark, get set, safe!

Making complexity easy to manage, making optimal use of technical possibilities, providing intelligent support for employees

With IBIS FLEX and IBIS PRO, Berghof Automation presents an innovative operation and maintenance concept for small, medium and large maintenance plants in compliance with current safety guidelines for man and machine. The major advantage: IBIS can be configured for any application.

The modular maintenance, operations control, information and safety system optimizes train maintenance and servicing work by making the best possible use of all available resources in terms of technology, tracks and personnel. At the same time, the system strictly complies with all safety regulations of the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA). In this way, a control system can be used to centrally monitor decentrally distributed plants without the need for a large number of personnel. Besides increased automation of processes, the control system also ensures the highest possible level of work safety on all tracks.

Convincing arguments for IBIS

  • Control and registration of train operation at train entries and exits with logical check of entry and exit criteria

  • Compliance with occupational safety through control of safety technology

  • Access control and activity monitoring in the track area via PDA terminals

  • Interfaces to higher-level systems

  • Video surveillance of the track areas inside the hall and the track apron

  • Logbook for all actions, messages and faults with selective evaluation option

  • Control of hall and pit lighting as well as heating, ventilation, air conditioning

  • Central dispatching of all safety-relevant processes in the hall by an operations dispatcher

  • Condition assessment of electrical and mechanical installations

Visualization system

  • Client-server application

  • Server provides visualization

  • Process visualization “AVEVA InTouch”

  • Login with user profiles

  • Granting rights over the profiles

  • Track magnifier shows exact vehicle position

  • Current row is shown in track magnifier

  • Info button shows more detailed vehicle information

  • Video surveillance from the track magnifier

  • Control of the driving processes from track magnifier

  • Monitoring of the plant on the track

  • Planning the future travel

  • Occupancy overview of all tracks

IBIS – successfully applied

In order for us to develop solutions quickly and efficiently, it is important to always act close to the customer. In addition to in-depth industry knowledge and extensive product know-how, it is the physical proximity that makes working together effective. Out of eight relevant Deutsche Bahn maintenance plants, four have already been equipped by Berghof Process Management.

IBIS Info Brochure for download

Download our handy brochure now: Here we have summarized all the important information on the safety system for small, medium and large maintenance plants in a compact form for you.