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Certified partners

Professional support that is close to you

Represented by qualified and certified solution partners, we offer optimal support for all tasks worldwide.

Our partner companies are proven experts in specific technologies and industries with excellent product and system expertise, as well as long-standing experience with Berghof technology.

In addition to the basic requirements with regard to experience and ongoing training and the fulfillment of our value requirements with regard to quality, response times and sustainability, we attach great importance to the quality of:

Develop the perfect solution by utilizing the expertise of Berghof and the partner network

prompt, open to implementing your preferences and reliable 

Processing according to your specifications, in cooperation with our specialist departments

careful coordination to reduce delivery times

maximum support

Our certified solution partners:



FCR has been driving the mechanical engineering industry since 1978, when they first started as a service provider for businesses with industrial machinery.

As well as design, installation, and technical support services, FCR works with pioneering manufacturing companies to supply their customers with the latest drive and automation technologies.
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Ti2 Pty Ltd offers a wide range of high-quality products and services in the area of industrial automation, automation and information technology.

By using genuinely open standards and technologies for industrial solutions, Ti2’s aim is to enable companies in the manufacturing and process industries to achieve significant cost savings.
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HongKe, HQ based in Guangzhou, spreading all over China with 7 more offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing, Suzhou, also has business in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

HongKe provides with hardware and software solutions inluding IPC, controllers, IO and motion control technology. There are more than 15 engineers with over 5 years experience in the area working at technical support and training for all our customers.
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Partner for Powertrack products

SinoTek Control System(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company based in Shanghai. The founders have more than 20 years experience of automation control especially for automotive and intralogistic conveyors. SinoTek provides full service of Powertrack System(for EMS, EFTS, RGV, etc) including hardware and software solution in China.
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KYMA Automation has been specializing in servo drive systems since 2005 and offers motion solutions.

A carefully selected range of products fits perfectly with the demands of the Greek industry.

KYMA’s team attaches great importance to continuous training in order to always stay at the cutting edge of technology.
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Maestrotek Innovations Pvt Ltd. has been delivering Cutting-Edge Automation Technology Solutions since 2006.
With the sales offices and Technical support teams spread across India, Maestrotek is well equipped to take care of your challenges in Control, Automation, SCADA/HMI, Software & Cloud computing. With strategic focus on Pharmaceutical , Life-science, Automotive, Smart Grid, Machine manufacturing & transportation infra applications, Maestrotek has created several unique solutions for customers in these industry verticals.
The end-to-end solution ensures complete customer satisfaction right from the field level reaching up to Analytics.

In partnership with Berghof, Maestrotek delivers high performance Motion & automation control solutions to leading machine manufacturers in India.

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PMA CONTROLS INDIA LIMITED has over 25 years of experience in the field of industrial measurement technology and automation.

PMA’s product portfolio complies with various global standards and certifications, such as CE, UL, SIL, etc.
A well-trained team of engineers provide dedicated and timely support to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Dor Engineering has specialized, since it was founded in 1978, in providing technological solutions for industrial automation, electromechanical drive and renewable energy systems. Dor Engineering represents leading international companies in their field and combines the import and marketing of advanced equipment with engineering and technical support services.
The engineers in the fields of electricity, mechanics, electronics and software support a wide spectrum of complex projects that are matched to the requirements of the customers of the company. The availability of products, professional service and personal attitude, along with a commitment to excellence, accrued experience and knowledge, make Dor Engineering a leader in its field and a natural partner in the success of its customers.
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Founded in 1989, Telestar has built strong partnerships with major manufacturing companies over the years and has become their main point of contact in Italy.

Thanks to a team of qualified and experienced employees at every purchasing stage, Telestar aims to be a comprehensive and reliable supplier on the Industry 4.0 market by selling and supporting a wide range of automation products and solutions, from individual components to highly interconnected solutions to fully meet all customer needs.
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With various product groups, extensive technical knowledge and comprehensive support, CONTROLIN offers various comprehensive electro-technical solutions for a large number of markets.
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To our customers we supply components as well as complete system solutions for motion control, industrial automation, and e-mobility applications. The components and systems can be standard, but mostly they are being engineered and adjusted to your specification and use. With more then 25 years of experience we offer our customers the innovative motion control solutions they need to create their applications.
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ASTOR technology brand with Polish capital, consistently built for 35 years. It is a leading Value Added Distributor of inteligent technolgies in the area of four strategic business lines: automation, robotics, industrial software, and intralogistics.

The company competence centers operating in Poland and the CEE region: 1. Robotic Welding Competence Center; 2. ImFactory-AVEVA MES Competence Center; 3. Mission Critical by ASTOR; 4. Dynamotion.

The direction of the company's and its clients' development is determined by Industry 4.0, which technologies are presented in showrooms in Kraków: Digital Factory of the Future in ASTOR Innovation Room 4.0; intelligent robotics in ASTOR Robotics Center and ASTOR Intralogistic Center.  

Since 2020, within Kawasaki Robotics CEE HUB, ASTOR is the distributor of Kawasaki Robotics for 12 Central and Eastern European countries.

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SDT - The specialist for machine automation, one of the leading providers of industrial automation solutions in Scandinavia.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the launch of products from manufacturers such as Berghof, our customers appreciate the cutting-edge solutions that we offer.
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INTRA AUTOMATION specializes in automation and robotics and offers products and solutions for all industrial markets.

They have special expertise in the area of packaging machines and CODESYS.
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Founded in 1992, US Power Distribution Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s first and main authorized distributor of several world leading manufacturing companies.

They are specialized in providing the hardware, software, and solutions for LV power distribution systems, industrial automation, IIOT, telecontrol, RTUs, and building automation systems.

With over 30 years of experience and our strong engineering teams, they offer customize solutions that meet every needs of their customers.
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