As part of the Berghof Group, Berghof Automation GmbH is committed to a special set of values and guiding principles. Berghof's success is based in particular on the following attributes:



Trusting, long-term partnerships are the cornerstone of success. At Berghof, employees are always open and honest with one another. The working relationship is reliable, careful, factual and fair.


Berghof’s versatility is its forte. It is the origin of innovative strength. The broad spectrum of competencies is testimony to Berghof's curiosity and uniqueness.


Berghof loves challenges and sets high standards for itself at all levels and in all areas. Berghof spares no effort, because everyone at the company knows that they will only win customers over with performance.

Responsible and compliant behavior is the basis of our corporate success and is an integral part of our corporate culture. The management of Berghof Automation GmbH therefore attaches the utmost importance to acting in accordance with these guidelines. They bind both the company management and each individual employee.

Find out more in the Code of Conduct of Berghof Automation GmbH!