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Berghof all-in-one controllers


Compact controllers

All-in-one CODESYS controller

Compact packages that pack a punch, comprehensive and fast: PLC from Berghof’s B-Fortis family

The integration of functions from numerous individual components in a single device provides you with two key benefits:

1) You save costs because you only need one device instead of several modules – and, of course, this also makes project planning and programming significantly easier.

2) In addition, compared to modular product solutions, the general workload, for example, in terms of logistics, assembly and testing, is significantly lower. At the same time, having one compact PLC as the central heart and brain of the entire system ensures improved functional reliability due to the faster data communication.

Hardware features

All modules are delivered in a fanless design with a robust aluminum housing and can be installed without extra tools.
Regardless of whether you require a residential area permit or certification for international use – an all-in-one controller from Berghof is the right choice for any automation task.

Software features

Available with up to 1 GB RAM, 2 GB Flash and 100 kB Retain the B-Fortis not only offers a variety of interfaces, but also plenty of power.
The hardware works in perfect harmony with the automation software CODESYS and can therefore be programmed effortlessly according to IEC61131. Thanks to the USB-based plug & play update concept, keeping your application up-to-date has never been easier. In addition, the tamper-proof hardware identification provides you with native application protection.

Other features at a glance:

  • Cycle time down to 500 μs
  • Universally usable VNC + HTML5 web browser
  • OpenVPN
  • Configurable inputs for counters and encoders
  • Control buttons for resetting / stopping / starting the PLC application
  • Integrated switchable termination resistors for the interfaces
  • Two-stage external HW watchdog
  • PT100/PT1000-compatible analog inputs
  • Separate power supply for the digital outputs in groups
  • Serial 9-bit multi-drop mode
  • Operating hours counter
  • Integrated interrupt/event inputs
  • Ethernet switch included as standard
  • Optional compatibility of the digital outputs with currents up to 1A
  • Suitable for multi-master operation

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