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YARD platform

YARD – organizes, optimizes and controls logistics flows

Logistics gets the right goods to the right place at the right time


Logistics companies need to optimize the areas of transport, handling and storage of cargo in terms of speed, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. This gives them a decisive advantage over the competition.

A wide range of activities must be coordinated and controlled in the yards of transshipment and production centers. Yard management, plant logistics and shipping automation encompass the planning, organization, management, processing and control of the entire flow of materials and goods.


How YARD works

YARD-MANAGEMENT is the software solution in case of disorderly processes on the company premises or clumsy allocation of specific parking spaces to loading gates or ramps. The system simplifies the organization of transports at depots with the aim of making optimum use of available resources and enabling all processes to run smoothly – from arrival to departure.

  • The software-controlled system provides the perfect overview in a freight forwarder's depot.

  • All parking terminals, gates and loading units located on the premises are represented by the user interface.

  • YARD organizes and controls all container movements with the aim of making transport routes and organization and management more efficient.

  • Special software tools are used to coordinate the respective forwarding areas where freight can be prepared for loading or unloaded.

  • By means of the – usually automatic – registration of entries and exits, an overview is created of currently available stocks of goods that have not yet been received in goods receipt or in the warehouse.

  • The goal is to find optimal times and locations for loading and unloading, for example, to avoid waiting times at the ramps and gates.

  • YARD is particularly suitable for large company premises with heavy delivery traffic and a high number of different loading points.