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More comfort? Why, certainly!

The interior furnishings of modern vehicles are increasingly marked by electrical equipment and electronics, with current models offering numerous safety and comfort features, some highly complex, that make driving into a comfortable experience. To make this customer experience safe and reliable, Berghof Automation provides effective test systems for all safety and comfort features in car interiors. With the help of our competence in testing technology, our customers ensure the highest quality of products – including car seats and door panels.


Modern vehicle seats are truly multi-talented: they can be adjusted flexibly and individually to fit the passenger’s anatomy, warm the passenger’s back on demand, and offer other comforts like massage and air conditioning. In addition, the car seat is more relevant to safety today than ever. It contains the seat occupancy mat, which is connected to the airbag and triggers it in the event of an accident. Continuous further developments, innovations, and new comfort features in seating are continually driving up the requirements for testing technology. With their pioneering work and advancements, Berghof Automation has emerged as a leading provider of car seat test systems for automotive suppliers and OEMs. The company’s portfolio includes the Seat Function Tester (SFT) and the Force Application Machine (FAM), which calibrates the seat occupancy mat. SFT and FAM – the systems of choice for perfect car seat quality assurance.

The SFT Seat Function Tester

The SFT Seat Function Tester makes it possible to test both individual seats and pairs of seats efficiently, safely, and with optimized cycle time. It logs results, events, and errors in the seat and its functions. The system can easily be integrated into an already existing production line, and workpiece carriers can be transferred to the test station either manually or automatically.

Together with the PC-based software testing framework, the SFT forms an efficient test system that is easy to operate.

Potential applications of the SFT

  • Testing of engines, control knobs, seat storage controls, such as

  • pressure-sensitive passenger detection system (passenger detection, seat belt reminder)

  • Seat adjuster

  • Seat heater and massage mat

  • Airbag controlled by weight detection and automatic child seat recognition in the passenger seat

  • Belt buckle and tensioner

  • Foot compartment and ambient lighting

  • Crash-activated headrest

  • Crossover test

Advantages of the SFT

  • Currents up to 80A, resistance measurement with eight measuring channels

  • High flexibility: allows up to ten different seat types from different OEMs to be tested

  • One for all: Saves money (connect up to ten different test plugs), investment protection

  • Modular setup specific to the customer, fast modification, huge mobility, space-saving setup

  • Short manual retooling times

  • Meets all of the OEM’s own standards

  • With optional barcode scanner, remote control


FAM Force Application Machine

Seat occupancy mats are being installed in car seats with increasing frequency. Their job is to activate the belt tensioning system or to trigger airbags individually in the event of an accident, depending on the weight of the passenger. This makes them a major factor in passenger safety.

Berghof Automation’s FAM tests and calibrates this mat with fast, controlled, highly precise force control – just like SFT combined with the PC-based software testing framework. The system can also be equipped with optional image documentation.

Advantages of the FAM

  • Automatic: integrated self-calibration

  • High flexibility: A wide variety of seat types and models from different OEMs can be mounted, tested, and calibrated – automatic power unit positioning depending on seat type

  • Precise: Calibrate with highly precise automatic power system – controlled power application 0 to 1000 N, ± 5 N

  • Quick and economical: calibration and test sequences in less than 60 seconds guarantee short cycle times

  • With optional SFT: can be combined with seat function test and calibration

  • Certified by seat occupancy mat manufacturers: meets all manufacturer specifications and standards

  • Modular: can be adjusted to specific customers


Door panels

Berghof’s Door Panel Tester checks to see if the components installed in a door panel are complete and functioning, or if the wrong version is installed. It conducts fast, reliable measurements of current, voltage, and resistance, as well as checking smart components like window switches with CAN/LIN communication. A visual inspection makes sure that fixtures are installed properly.



  • Easy: Checks the fully mounted form

  • High flexibility: as a full test system, integrated into a production line, or as a mobile test kit – for all models and a wide variety of components

  • Integration: Interfaces to all standard production guidance systems

  • Variety: full testing spectrum from just checking for completeness to complex function tests

  • Modular: can be adjusted to specific customer’s conditions


    • Identifying the test object

    • Verifies the presence of mechanical components (clips, retaining brackets, etc.)

    • Equipment surface check

    • Function check of operating modules, lighting, switches, speakers

    • Documentation after testing

    Cockpit and operating elements

    From electronic keys to seat adjusters, multi-function and steering wheel switches to gear selectors and control panels – there are more and more functions to test in the cockpit and operating element areas. Again, Berghof Automation is the right partner: With our test systems for the cockpit and operating elements, our customers have the necessary equipment on hand to check surface feel, optics, and especially the multitude of functions of their interior products in every detail – from electromechanical switches to touchpads.

    Functions such as:

    • Force/displacement measurement

    • Torque angle measurement

    • Symbol checking, brightness control

    • Power consumption

    • CAN/LIN communication

    • Resistance detection

    Roof modules

    Another core competency of Berghof Automation in car interiors is testing roof modules for a number of different manufacturers. Numerous electrical and electronic components are installed in modern vehicles in this area, too. The spectrum of Berghof’s portfolio ranges from testing lights, sensors, and control modules to sunroof operation.

    Functions such as:

    • Surface check

    • Symbol recognition

    • Light intensity inspection

    • Switch functions

    • Control module communication