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The know-how of the future

The effectiveness of your automation depends on the optimal interaction between Berghof technology, programmers and operators. As one of the first companies in automation, we have a unique pool of knowledge and a strong sense of service. We would like to pass on this experience to you and offer various tailor-made training modules around Berghof Automation and CODESYS V3.

Training Modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to CODESYS V3 and Berghof controllers

Module 2 - Introduction to CODESYS V3

Module 3 - CODESYS V3 Fieldbuses

Module 4 - Introduction to CODESYS V3 SoftMotion

Module 5 - Berghof Motion

Module 6 - CODESYS V3 – Communication

Module 7 - Porting a CODESYS V2.3 project to CODESYS V3

Module 8 - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Module 9 - CODESYS V3 - Optional topics

Detailed information on the individual modules can be found in our Berghof training brochure.