CODESYS & Berghof Training

Know how with Berghof

The effectiveness of your solution depends on the optimum interaction between Berghof technology, programmer and operator. As one of the first companies in automation, we have a unique pool of knowledge and a pronounced service mentality. We would like to pass this experience on to you and therefore offer various custom-made training modules on all aspects of Berghof automation and CODESYS V3.

Module 1: Introduction to CODESYS V3 and Berghof control systems

Learn in a small group the essential functions of the Berghof controls and the basic elements of CODESYS V3 in just a short time.

Module 2: Getting started with CODESYS V3

Learn in a small group in just a short time the most important functions of CODESYS V3.

Module 3: CODESYS V3 fieldbuses

You will learn the basic functions and the use of known fieldbuses in CODESYS V3.

Module 4: Getting started with CODESYS V3 Softmotion

We replace your old control unit with our newly programmed unit and put the system into operation.

Module 5: Berghof Motion

We accompany your production and serve as your contact for all your questions during and after the process.

Module 6: CODESYS V3 communication

Get to know CODESYS V3 functions for communication via serial interface and network connection.

Module 7: Porting a CODESYS V2.3 project to CODESYS V3

Get to know the necessary measures of such a porting and test everything on a CODESYS SoftSPS.

Module 8: Introduction to object-oriented programming

Learn to apply your own projects independently in CODESYS V3.

Module 9: Optional topics

Use practical exercises to determine freely selectable problems with CODESYS V3.


Trainings Brochure (PDF)