Berghof Repair Service

Knowledge and experience are required for the repair of PLC componentes, control panel or industrial PCs.
If a module has failed, a complete exchange is not always necessary. Above all, high-quality products should be reviewed for recovery by experts.

Cooperative consultation

Berghof Automation and Control Solutions owns a special Maintenance-ream with direct contact to the development and access to all documents of all product versions. Furthermore, we provide appropriate warehousing and care about successor components in case of discontinuation. Not only current devices, also components from past generations can be easily repaired. This is supported by an electronic device passport, which we create with each product.
So even the installationof the original software at time of delivery is no challange.

Always keeping an eye on costs 

We carry out repair at the component level with repair of only the defective components.
We deliberately avoid, for example, board replacement in order to keep repair costs low.
We charge according to a cost estimate, so you always receive the expenses in the desired scope.
We finish the repair with a test procedure and a complete function test.
Of course you will receive a protocol of the process.

If the cost for the reparation is too high, we are prepared to offer you other solutions.