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Test and inspection technology

Efficient End-of-Line Testing of Bumpers

April 4, 2024

Application: EOL bumper testing
Product: All-in-One bumper tester
Summary: Development of a modular test solution for efficient bumper tests without set-up times.


Our customer, a leading automotive supplier, required reliable and efficient end-of-line (EOL) testing for fully assembled bumpers.

The test should cover a wide range of sensors and electronic components required for functions such as collision avoidance, blind spot assist, pedestrian protection, parking assistance, keyless go, automatic boot opening and cameras. A solution with a vision for the future, as all relevant sensors for autonomous driving are being tested.



Berghof develops a customised EOL test solution for the customer, consisting of three test tables (expandable to x test tables as required), which are controlled by a single central and modularly expandable control cabinet.

This solution enables the customer to test a large number of derivatives without set-up times by automatically selecting the various test tables via a prioritisation list and automatically extending the required fixture pins.

All-in-One Solution - Key Facts

Electrical testing:
All electronic components are checked for functionality on the test bench - including sensors for collision avoidance, blind spot assist, pedestrian protection, parking assistance, keyless go, automatic boot opening, cameras and parking sensors

Final visual check:
A visual inspection is carried out on the rotating and extendable test stand. This saves the customer a separate workstation and time.

Modular plug-and-play control cabinet concept:
The control cabinet concept from Berghof is modular and can be extended almost at will, which facilitates future adaptations and extensions, e.g. to additional test benches and the spare parts service.

Automatic test start:
The test process is started automatically via various sensors as soon as a test specimen is placed on the table and contacted. This saves time and increases work efficiency enormously.

Fully automatic set up:
The test tables are set up fully automatically using advance production orders, which enables seamless integration into the production process.

Time optimized prioritization:
A visual signal on the table not only indicates to the technician which test table is available, but also which one is the quickest for him to reach.


By implementing Berghof’s EOL inspection solution, the customer can increase the efficiency of their production processes on the one hand. On the other hand, it also increases the quality of the testing process: a win-win situation.

The modular solution enables the customer to test different series and derivatives on a single test bench, resulting in significant cost savings and improved production flexibility.

Testing time per bumper

  • Testing time front:   max. 10 seconds per test specimen
  • Testing time rear:     max. 15 seconds per test specimen

The specific times depend on the expansion stage of the bumper.