Trained safely

Integrated and CODESYS programmable Berghof Safety Solution

The Berghof Automation products comply with the requirements of the IEC 61508 SIL 3 and DIN EN ISO 13849-1 Ple safety standards.
This safety control enables a complete integration of safety technology and an individual implemantation of machine related safety functions.
The hardware integration into the safety concept with creation of the application- or rather user software and safety tasks is a central part and it is mandatory that it is executet with considerable care, including detection of defective implementations.

Dealing with safety has to be learned.
With Berghof nothing is left to chance - we train users with safety-realated details.
The aim is a safe handling of hard- and software and therefore the application in your hand.

The basics for that are thought in the appropriate training module:

  • Handling the CODESYS Safety Plug-In
  • Handling CODESYS Safety versions according to safety requirements
  • Integration of safety components into a project
  • Safety target system settings
  • Creating a safety application
  • Introduction of common safety modules
  • Creating an example application
  • Sepcial usage of safety components
  • Bringing controls into a safe state
  • Data exchange between safety CPU and main CPU
  • Examples of application
  • Questions and Answers for your individual requirements

This training-module is not available in our training brochure. Please contact us individually. The Berghof team is glad to give you advice.