Software safe to use

Integrated and CODESYS programmable Berghof Safety Solution

CODESYS is ranked among the best and widespreaded manufacturer overlapping programming standards.
Berghof offers this standard in the most extensive and unmodified form and is so able to provide numerous advantages for customers and end user.

Common safety concepts mostly focus on the realisation of the hardware but disregard the users needs regarding to a reasonable integration of software.

The Berghof I/O Safety package is a software solution, which optimally implements the interaction between hard- and software and furthermore integrates them into the manufacturer overlapping standard CODESYS.
With the Berghof Safety I/O package there are no boundaries between Safety - and non-Safety components, which clearly simplyfies the programming- and project effort.
The exchangeability of information regarding to diagnostics or states and wiring of signals between both levels is very easy, which is not a matter of fact.

The Berghof I/O Safety package with its complete integration into the standard CODESYS provides a significant added value compared to other safety solutions on the market.