Assured modular functions and components

Integrated and CODESYS programmable Berghof Safety Solution

The Berghof provided development environment allows the user the geared project planning of the safety-related and functional part of the application.
Despite this created freedom of movement the high requirements relative to a safety application are fullfilled without exception. To provide this optimally to the project developer, Berghof complies with the challenging standard of PLCopen Safety. The PLCopen Safety defined standards in two gradations of programming rules are strictly fulfilled. The basic level provides the user certified function modules, while the extended level with its expandable range is next to no limits regarding to safety-related functions.

On this occasion Berghof is not restricting the varierty of functions and provides besides the great range of functions, verification mechanisms for secure programming. Further additional functions for the hedge of the created safety application are takend for granted. The amount of usable components are at this restricted only by the device memory.

There are nearly no boundaries for the user with this by Berghof provided spectrum. Common safety devices for controls, sensors or monitored output signals no more constitute a challange than sophisticated safety functions.