Integrated, powerful and comprehensively certified: B-Nimis SC-1000 Safety-PLC from Berghof

Cleverly conceived, thoughtfully equipped: The B-NIMIS SC-1000 Safety-PLC from Berghof are the ideal basis for convincing safety concepts.

Safety technology under control
with certified PLCopen function blocks in Basic and Extended Level as well as certified hardware

Maximum system solution
through modular implementation and easy interaction with all Berghof standard products

Unsurpassed flexibility
thanks to modular expandability and any division within the plant control system

Excellent plant integration
due to simple connection of any FSoE slaves (e.g. safety I/O modules, drive controllers)

No limits
due to limitation of the number of usable safety modules only by the device memory

Ideal operation
by integrating the safety software into the CODESYS standard and graphically interconnecting all elements

Intuitive project planning and programming
with the Berghof Safety Package, which allows the user to feel no boundaries between safety and non-safety components

Best possible control
through exchangeability of information for diagnosis or status as well as interconnection of signals between all levels

Optimally secured
with the help of additional functions for safeguarding the safety function, e.g. change tracking, safe signal flow, safe versioning, separation of safe operation