Raspberry PiĀ® goes Industry

Industrial Raspberry mit Raspberry OS oder Real Time CODESYS

With the Raspberry-based B-Nimis MC-Pi and B-Nimis BC-Pi series, Berghof not only releases high-performance CODESYS controllers, but also flexible IPC solutions for realizing your IIOT, motion and automation projects.

B-Nimis MC-Pi

With the B-Nimis MC-Pi product family, Berghof is starting with a CODESYS V3 quadcore controller based on Raspberry Pi®.

Perfectly integrated into the Berghof I/O portfolio by means of EtherCat standard fieldbus and plug & play expandability, numerous expansion modules are available.
All with state-of-the-art Raspberry Pi® technology - the Compute Module CM4.

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B-Nimis BC-Pi

The B-Nimis BC-Pi product series is a sophisticated industrial PC solution with open Raspberry OS, in the same very compact design as the MC-Pi series.

The variety of available software solutions, a high-performance cooling, optional CODESYS Runtime, interfaces and functions like, EtherCAT, USB3, USB2, RTC and Retain, make the B-Nimis BC-Pi suitable for a wide range of applications.

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