Hardware and Software Options

Optional extensions for CODESYS V3

During development, Berghof Automation & Control Solutions attaches great importance to a manufacturerindependent solutionand relies on the longterm reliability of the CODESYS automation software, which makes it possible to carry out a wide range of tasks in automation technology. The platform used is Linux, which offers significant advantages over other solutions.

By combining these two open standards of the software, we are able to easily implement functional enhancements. For you as a user, this means unlimited functionality, independence from additional tools and the comprehensive applicability of CODESYS.

Extensions can be selected by means of a standardized or specially tailored range of options. Our products and processes are designed in such a way that a selection can be made both with and after product ordering. Repeat orders are no challenge for us, neither in the allocation in the corresponding product file (e.g. for the purpose of support) nor in the delivery with possibly immediate dispatch by electronic means or online connection.

This can be done by specifying the approp-riate option code when ordering a product that includes a fully configured device, or by specifying the associated order number, with separate delivery of the function.

The options complement the range of func-tions that Berghof has already created based on CODESYS.

Here you will find the standardized additional functions that can be ordered. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.