B-Nimis MC-Pi Prime

Powerful complement
to the B-Nimis MC-Pi Pro, of course with
continuation of its features

Unsurpassed flexibility
thanks to modular expandability and arbitrary partitioning within the plant control system, open for all fieldbuses

Easy data management
thanks to more than enough retain memory

Optimally evaluated, analyzed or exchanged
by means of storage or backup of data or project planning on the SD card of the PLC

Extended basic equipment
with additive features compared to the B-NImis MC-Pi Pro

2 x Host USB 3.0 / USB-plug type A
2 x Host USB 2.0 / USB-plug type A
1 x uSD (SDXC)

Sophisticated update concept
with time-saving update processes via USB or SD card for firmware and customer applications in the field

Simple and fast commissioning
through preconfigured devices or automatic configuration via USB stick

Time-optimized fault analysis
using a tried-and-tested diagnostic concept

Future-proof connection
via state-of-the-art communication interfaces such as USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and WLAN

State-of-the-art - maximum performance
through the use of the Compute Module 4 and thus the latest Raspberry technology