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Modular CODESYS PLC with EtherCAT I/O system

With the B-Nimis MC series, Berghof offers a modular high-performance control system. The available modules allow almost all requirements to be met, from the MC-CLASSIC, a proven controller with CODESYS V2.3 or V3, through MC-PRO, a high-performance CODESYS V3 controller, to a wide range of expansion modules.

Easily combinabler

The uncompromising adherence to general standards is not only reflected in the interfaces and connectable options, even internal mechanisms are oriented towards this, e.g. with an internal communication system based on EtherCAT® as a consistently uniform concept. This allows the user full control of all influencing variables. Furthermore, the devices can be easily installed and combined with other control components such as the standardised Berghof PRIMIS or FORTIS system.

  • Security system for protected internal communication
  • Labelling fields for system identification
  • Simple programming according to IEC-61131
  • Comprehensive modular CODESYS control platform
  • Protected modules with shield connection
  • Standard plug, secure connection, with eject mechanism
  • Maximum communication through integration of many interfaces
  • Modules in fanless standard design with various status displays assigned to the respective connection point