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B-NIMIS MC-Pro & MC-Classic

Unsurpassed flexibility

thanks to modular expandability and any division within the system control, open for all fieldbuses

Versatile use

with small and always the same form factor, only minor restrictions in project planning, designed for mounting on standard rails

Performance in plenty

through the use of state of the art component

Comprehensively operated

through support of CODESYS V2.3 and V3

Secured communication

via internal bus system, between the modules with guaranteed vibration-proof connection

Highly protected

through an integrated EMC concept with cable shielding and internal earthing

Optimally evaluated, analysed or exchanged

thanks to storage or backup of data or project planning on the SD card of the PLC

Sophisticated support

with various conversions, e.g. interrupt input on the controller or reverse polarity protection

Reduced costs

due to the comprehensive use of always the same standard components such as plugs, shields, etc.

Ideally updated

using the standard USB interface