Exceptionally clean

by means of continuous, nicheless clean front without edges

Robust throughout

due to a multi-layer front foil construction with high resistance to many chemicals and a particularly torsion-resistant design of the mechanics in the metal housing

Easy and safe to assemble

due to integrated retaining clips and twist locks, tool-less / snap-in installation

Impressive in consideration

by means of bright and brilliant displays (> 400 Cd/m2) as well as brightness centrally adjustable from the control unit

Impressive basic equipment

which at this point only allows a rudimentary excerpt:

  • Overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity and overvoltage proof, wiring faults without danger
  • Living area approval
  • Application update via USB
  • Application protection via tamper-proof HW identification
  • Downgrading of the PLC cycle time optionally up to 500μs
  • Diverse fonts
  • Three-wire measurement for compensation of line resistances
  • OpenVPN
  • VNC + HTML5 web browser universally applicable
  • Inputs configurable to counter and encoder
  • Operating buttons for resetting/ stopping/ starting the PLC application
  • Switchable terminating resistors integrated to interfaces
  • External two-stage HW watchdog
  • Analog inputs PT100/PT1000 capable
  • Separate power supply of the digital outputs in groups
  • Serial 9bit Multi-Drop Mode
  • Operating hours counter
  • Buzzer and optional sound chip for mp3 playback

Secured application

thanks to practical solutions for practical use:

  • Remanent hardware memory independent of the battery of the real-time clock
  • Integrated temperature sensor monitoring e.g. for the control cabinet
  • Potential-separated interfaces, etc.

Sustainable concept

through energy-saving components and software functions as well as appropriate packaging