B-Fortis CC-Slim

Powerful supplement

of the B-FORTIS CC-Lite, of course with continuation of its features

Superior hardware concept

not only by mere interface expansion, but beyond that by its designs, for example with independent Ethernet interfaces

Safe application

thanks to practical solutions for practical use:

  • remanent hardware memory independent of the battery
  • Integrated temperature sensor monitoring, e.g. for the control cabinet
  • potential-separated interfaces, etc.

Can be used across industries

by means of adaptations to specific markets, e.g. I/O with N circuit

Extended basic equipment

with features that are additive to the B-FORTIS CC-Lite (exemplary excerpt):

  • Inputs configurable to counter and encoder
  • Operating buttons for resetting / stopping/ starting the PLC application
  • switchable terminating resistors of the interfaces integrated
  • External two-stage HW-Watchdog
  • Analog inputs PT100/ PT1000 capable
  • Separate power supply of the digital outputs in groups
  • serial 9bit Multi-Drop Mode
  • Operating hours counter


due to buzzer and optional sound chip for mp3 playback