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Powerful, flexible and safe: B-FORTIS CC-Slim from Berghof

Just as compact and powerful: The B-FORTIS CC-Slim offers significantly more interfaces and I/O´s than the CC-Lite for almost the same size.

Are you looking for a PLC that is as small as possible, but still very large in terms of performance? Then the B-FORTIS CC-Slim from Berghof is just right for you.

Even the hardware concept clearly shows that Berghof's many years of practical experience always flow into all products. At CC-Slim, for example, we have not only expanded the interfaces, but also work with independent interfaces that are also isolated from each other.

Practical equipment, safe application

In addition to this potential separation, special solutions also ensure maximum safety in the application. These devices are equipped with a remanent hardware memory that makes them independent of the battery. And the integrated temperature sensor is particularly important for use in control cabinets.

The B-FORTIS CC-Slim Compact PLC is not only particularly safe, but also particularly flexible. We also adapt these devices to specific markets, for example with I/O with N-circuit.

A loud buzzer is already standard on board, and we can optionally equip the devices with a sound chip for mp3 playback.

Berghof B-FORTIS CC-Slim - Further features at a glance

  • Inputs configurable to counter and encoder
  • Operating button for resetting / stopping/ starting the PLC application
  • Switchable terminating resistors of the interfaces integrated
  • External HW-Watchdog two-stage
  • Analog inputs PT100/PT1000 capable
  • Separate power supply of the digital outputs in groups
  • Serial 9bit Multi-Drop Mode
  • operating hours counter
  • retain memory