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Versatile, powerful and widely applicable: B-FORTIS CC-Prime by Berghof

The name says it all: The B-Fortis CC-Prime is the top model in Berghof's compact PLC series.

Still very compact, but with enough space for plenty of interfaces and functions in a very small space. The B-FORTIS CC-Prime is Berghof's undisputed queen in terms of size/performance ratio. Nevertheless, it offers an abundant supply of RAM, Flash, Retain and space for more.

And in terms of versatility, it also presents itself as truly royal. Because its ingenious design makes it possible for Berghof to offer you these devices in a wide variety of configurations. A real all-rounder.

This significantly reduces costs and time requirements - as we will be happy to demonstrate to you with numerous customer-specific variants, for which we have always used uniform standard components and development templates. Based on this wide range of practical experience, we have also continuously optimized the implementation of status displays so that you can optimally analyze these devices.

Maximum flexibility - and yet maximum standardisation

This also has a positive effect on the cost balance: Thanks to the constant form factor and the uniform interface arrangements, B-FORTIS CC-Prime is easy to configure, error-reducing to install and easy to service.

Another big plus point: The concept, which is designed down to the last detail for the widest possible range of applications, makes the Prime devices the ideal solution for many cases - from rough outdoor use to building automation with the BACnet network protocol.

Berghof B-FORTIS CC-Prime - Further features at a glance

  • Interrupt/event inputs integrated
  • Ethernet switch included as standard
  • Current capacity of the digital outputs optionally up to 1A
  • Suitable for multimaster operation