B-Fortis CC-Prime

Extraordinary completion

of the portfolio of compact controllers, including the capabilities of B-FORTIS CC-Lite and CC-Slim

Unsurpassed versatility

thanks to various expansion stages, due to sophisticated design easily supplemented by required variants on request

Maximum performance

with sufficient room for interfaces and functions in a minimum of space

Sufficiently dimensioned

with RAM, Flash and Retain and room for more

Reduced costs and time requirements

proven by numerous special customer executions and the use of always uniform standard components and development templates

Easy to configure, error-reducing, easy to install, easy to service

due to always the same form factor and uniform interface arrangements

Unique basic equipment

in addition on the features of the B-FORTIS CC-Slim (exemplary excerpt):

  • Interrupt / event inputs integrated
  • Ethernet switch included as standard
  • Current capability of the digital outputs optionally up to 1A
  • suitable for multimaster operation

Optimally analyzed

through mature implementation of status LED`s

Widely positioned application

with the extremes, e.g. from harsh outdoor use to building automation with the BACnet network protocol