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Cost-effective, powerful and expandable: B-FORTIS CC-Lite from Berghof

Less is more: The B-FORTIS CC-Lite offers an optimal price/performance ratio thanks to carefully reduced equipment.

Cost-effective - yet high-performance: With this new compact PLC, Berghof offers a fully-fledged, high-performance controller at the price of a low-cost controller, which is even suitable for compute-intensive tasks in the field of soft motion or CNC - and at the same time permits cycle times of 1 millisecond.

In order to be able to realise the favourable entry price, we have by no means reduced the performance, but only the equipment to the necessary minimum. For example, the B-FORTIS CC-Lite is deliberately only equipped with power supply, Ethernet and USB. This predestines it for control tasks in small systems or small machines.

Reduced equipment, but large scope of performance

The cost-effective Berghof PLC, on the other hand, is not reduced at all when it comes to the scope of services. Standard CODESYS with all its variety of functions is also available here. The core of this low-cost PLC is also based on the modern, well-known high-performance Berghof control technology - and is convincing not only through the familiar, convenient update concept via USB (firmware, boot screen, setting system parameters/network parameters, application, etc.), but also through a large number of interfaces that can be used via Ethernet (Modbus master slave, EtherCAT master, Profinet master slave, Ethernet scanner and adapter, BACnet) and a cloud connection.

And of course this compact PLC, as usual from Berghof, can also be adapted to your needs with extensive options - for example by using a dual or quad core processor instead of the standard single core processor.

Berghof B-FORTIS CC-Lite - Further features at a glance

  • Overload-, short-circuit-, reverse polarity-, and overvoltage-proof, so that even wiring errors remain without consequences
  • residential approval
  • Application update via USB
  • Application protection via tamper-proof HW identification
  • Reduction of the PLC cycle time optionally up to 500 μs
  • Versatile fonts
  • VNC + HTML5 web browser universally applicable
  • OpenVPN