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Unsurpassed ratio

from performance to price

Performance in plenty

through the use of state of the art components

Unrivaled upgrade capability

open to any idea, e.g. replacing the single core with a dual or quad core processor

Ideal as central controller

for remote units or applications such as Motion

Highly flexible connection

thanks to the realization of countless communication channels using full bandwidths

Sophisticated handling

with service and update concepts, tool-free installation and much more

Impressive basic equipment

which at this point only allows a rudimentary excerpt:

  • Overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity and overvoltage proof, wiring faults without danger
  • Living area approval
  • Application update via USB
  • Application protection via tamper-proof HW identification
  • Reduction of the PLC cycle time optionally up to 500 μs
  • Versatile fonts
  • VNC + HTML5 web browser universally applicable
  • OpenVPN
  • ...

Sustainable concept

through energy-saving components and software functions as well as appropriate packaging