Berghof EasyConnect - Communication and service separate from the production network

During service work on a system, the transmission of unwanted data streams into the production network represents a high risk factor. In addition, service technicians are often exposed to the time-consuming authorization procedures of the company-IT in order to gain access to the highly restrictive company network. To avoid these restrictions in the future, Berghof has developed "EasyConnect", an intelligent interface in compact format. The EasyConnect is a unique smart device that makes the security and connectivity challenges that arise during service operations a thing of the past.



  • Autoconfiguration by the controller
  • Certified for industrial environment
  • WLAN Access Point
  • WLAN Client
  • Firewall functionality (optional)
  • Comfortable updates of the operating system for current security patches
  • Perfectly matched to the Berghof toolchain
  • Bluetooth connectivity (optional)

A special feature of the Berghof "EasyConnect": the service employees operates via a separate network. This means that they can only access and communicate with the control system connected to the "EasyConnect" via USB. Access to the production network via the controller is no longer required for servicing. This guarantees the highest level of security for the plant operator. The smart device also offers optional firewall functionalities such as port sharing and filtering of Mac addresses.

Time-consuming configuration and authorization procedures will no longer be necessary in the future. Thanks to the plug and play functionality of the "EasyConnect", service staff will be able to start work immediately. The "EasyConnect" simply adopts the configuration of the controller connected via USB. The connector offers various application possibilities; as a WLAN access point and thus as a service interface, the "EasyConnect" establishes a connection between the control system and the service technician's terminal device in order to carry out maintenance work and diagnostics, for example. As a WLAN client, the connector establishes a secure connection to an existing WLAN network, e.g. for cloud logging or remote access.

Powered by Rasbperry
Benefit from the know-how of the largest "self supporting" community of this kind and a correspondingly mature platform. Numerous updates and extensions are freely available thanks to the open operating system. Extensive support for Berghof products "powered by Raspberry" is of course available from our specialists at Berghof Automation & Control Solutions.

Your Berghof sales specialists will be glad to provide you with more detailed information.