Berghof starter kits for industrial automation

Our starter kits are designed to provide you the right controller for every application. If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.
All starter kits come with the required connectors and target files.
You will receive the manuals and the system manual for the "quick start" via e-mail after your purchase.

In connection with the purchase of a starter kit, we offer you the unique opportunity to purchase the following options at a reasonable price:

The following licenses are included in the respective starter kits:

TargetVisu | WebVisu | EtherCat-Master | CANopen-Master | USB-Ethernet | NTP-Client | FTP-Server | Backup-Restore | Config-Protection

All fieldbus licenses as demo licenses included.
(The Softmotion demo license is available free of charge from our technical support)

Starter kit B-Fortis CC-Slim


Starter kit B-Primis DC-Pro


Starter kit B-Fortis CC-Prime


Starter kit B-Nimis MC-Pro


Starter kits with new dual core devices and up to 100% more performance

You will not only benefit from more performance, but also from all the advantages of the CODESYS Multi-Core Runtime as well as the Berghof operating system, which is based on multicore.
Berghof thus offers you a complete and genuine multicore system.

Starterkit B-Fortis CC-Slim Duo


  • B-Fortis CC-Slim Duo (Dualcore)
  • Plug set

Sarterkit B-Primis DC-Prime 15,6 Duo


  • B-Primis DC-Prime 15,6 S04 DUO
    (Dualcore / cpacitive touch)
  • B-Fortis CC-DIO 16/16 P
  • Plug sets