BLU 2.0 | Update package 26 of our operations control system for transshipment stations distributed

January 23, 2024

In January, we distributed Release 26 (26th update package) for BLU 2.0 to our clients.

Biggest changes:

  • Extended display and input options for dangerous goods and waste information for loading units in the BLU 2.0 user interface
  • Adaptation of the "Transit" feature for automated processing of gateway traffic (train-to-train loading)
  • Notification to communication partners that loading units have been handled digitally at the terminal
  • Minor optimizations in operation and display


In Germany, the update was rolled out in January.

In Norway, operation of BLU 2.0 began at the Bergen site. Update 26 will go live at the end of January.

Releases are scheduled to be made available to all customers three times a year at fixed times. The content is coordinated with all customers in advance.