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Oil & Gas

Productivity, safety and efficiency for refining and petrochemical operations

Optimize your business processes with Berghof. Benefit from real-time insights into your production data and the corresponding reaction options. Fail-safe technology designed for years of 24/7 use contributes to the operational safety of the systems.

Guaranteed spare parts availability beyond the usual lifetime of standard products. Berghof products offer the option of expandability and renewal on the running system. With a tailor-made hardware and software solution that enables you to access your systems via the cloud, you are optimally prepared for such dynamic requirements.

The use of a Berghof automation solution ensures more efficient use of the evaluated data, optimization of energy consumption, cost reduction, state-of-the-art technology and constant competitiveness through our updates. Berghof guarantees longevity, reliability and a maximum MTBF in an industry where technology is exposed to the toughest conditions, such as aggressive means or difficult operating options.

Incidentally: Predictive maintenance solutions are standard in our system. The know-how and the project experience of the Berghof automation experts equips you for global competition.