The CANtrol® Powertrack System

Powertrack Vehicle Control System

Modern and maintenance-free CODESYS V3 controller for mobile moving units with integrated rail bus interface. The counterpart on the stationary side is the CAN2SC Gateway.

  • CAN-/Profinet®-/EtherCAT®-interfaces on all controls
  • Large selection of different I/O modules
  • Certified for worldwide use
  • IR-/Funk-/Bluetooth-remote control
  • State-of-the-art hardware platforms
  • Support of latest sensor/actuator technology ensured
  • Wide range of accessories such as foil keypad or mounting frame

Powertrack Segment Control System

Modern CODESYS V3 controllers from the Berghof standard portfolio for stationary control tasks.

  • Choice between compact controls or Berghof display controls for outstanding usability
  • Use as independent system control or for connection to higher-/ main level control systems
  • In combination with the CAN2SC gateway also applicable as driving unit

Powertrack Toolchain

Optimally matched tools for development, commissioning and maintenance.

  • CODESYS V3 development environment fully integrated throughout all control levels
  • SVC3-Servicetool, web based, for configuration and updates
  • Download via broadcast even while the system is running
  • Versatile remote access options

Powertrack Systemsoftware

Integrated software solution for rail-bound transport systems. Optimally adapted for EMS systems. Fully implemented software modules „ready-to-go“.

  • Modules for various control PLCs, e.g. Simatic S7 TiA
  • Standard software for segment control system
  • Customer-specific software for vehicle control
  • The track and track-specific functions are described via Access database
  • Vehicles freely programmable in CODESYS V3.5
  • Systematic configuration and installation

Powertrack Simulation Tool

Simulates vehicle and segment control systems and thus allows the virtual commissioning of the entire system.

  • Development and test of user modules on the main level / visualization
  • Reduction of commissioning time through early detection of programming errors and/or critical sections of the track
  • Simulation uses Access database of the real plant

Powertrack Retrofit

Upgrade concept for existing systems based on connection-compatible modules with modern CODESYS V3 controllers.

  • Minimal downtimes due to constructionally identical control systems
  • Mixed operation with legacy control systems is possible without problems