Intralogistics solutions from Berghof

With Berghof know-how, you can optimally control your material flows

Industry 4.0 also requires logistics 4.0: In today's smart factories, increasingly sophisticated intralogistics systems often control highly complex internal and external material flows.
The rapidly developing information and communication technologies (ICT) play a decisive role in this. For this reason, the discussion on this topic focuses on "Digital Logistics".

The technical possibilities are therefore constantly increasing - the challenge remains the same: It is a matter of automation, networking and optimisation of material flows as comprehensively as possible and economically reasonable. At the same time, the decisive parameters must be visualized in such a way that the people responsible are always in the picture despite all the complexity. Because even in a smart factory, the person is and remains the master level.

Modern book transport system for a smooth acceptance and distribution system in libraries. The Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz is the central library of the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart. On an area of 20,200 square metres there are more than 500,000 books, films, text and much more to borrow and view. Due to a very sophisticated book acceptance system, as well as the continuation of the books to their parking place, a smooth process and a renewed rental in the shortest time is possible. Only a perfectly coordinated and well thought-out control system can process this feat of books per day.


As one of the first companies in automation, Berghof is also one of the pioneers in the field of automated intralogistics systems: Since its successful market launch in 2000, we have successfully developed and implemented very complex and comprehensive intralogistics systems all over the world, for a wide variety of industries, mostly based on our unique conductor rail system "Berghof Power-Track" - and kept efficiency at a maximum with our retrofit concept. We replace your old control system with a model of the latest generation that is identical in construction without plant standstill and port CODESYS V3.5. If the source code is not available to you, it is no problem for our application engineers to create a suitable solution from existing application modules.

Even though our "Power Track" concept at first glance makes us primarily associated with the topic of electric monorail conveyors - we are by no means restricted to this one conveyor technology. Because we know from our many years of experience: Whether classic stationary conveyor technology with chain, roller or belt drive, electric monorail conveyor (EMS) or driverless transport systems (AGV) - all systems have their specific advantages and disadvantages, which have to be carefully weighed up for the respective project.

The horizontal and vertical transport of door panels with only one system - no challenge for a Berghof control system. Automatic product identification as well as fluid and smooth turnout crossings are guaranteed.

No matter which system is the winner in your case - thanks to our open and flexible system architecture based on the well-known high-performance CODESYS system, we optimally adapt our products to your individual logistics requirements on the basis of a material flow analysis. This gives you a future-proof solution that increases the efficiency of your internal supply chain processes and optimally utilizes the potential of the technology used.

And we also support you in the best possible way in daily continuous operation - for example through predictive maintenance or round-the-clock support for your plant.


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