Everything flows: High-performance filling plant for liquid products

Berghof controllers and touch panels offer system manufacturers maximum flexibility to implement their ideas without annoying compromises - as this example impressively demonstrates.

The Swedish manufacturer of filling systems for liquid products has conquered the throne of market leader in its home country as well as in Norway and Denmark. The company likes to break new ground in technology and therefore needs innovative and agile technology partners who can support it in the best possible way. Just like our Berghof partner in Sweden.

Numerous components intelligently and flexibly connected with each other

This example of an automatic sealing machine (see video) shows that this cooperation works well in practice. The machine closes the bottles without having to stop the conveyor belt, as it is the case with conventional systems. A novelty that has two advantages at once: Firstly, a particularly high output of 90 closures per minute - and secondly, it considerably minimizes the risk of spillage and the resulting soiling of the containers.

What sounds so simple, was anything but trivial during development: 13 servo motors from different manufacturers are in use - and all of them should be controllable via a compact control system, our B-Fortis CC-Prime, and operated via a control panel, our B-Primis ET-Pro 15.6". "A proprietary solution, as still promoted by many suppliers, is of course out of the question. On our part, the classic Berghof strengths have provided us with the best possible flexibility and full performance," says a delighted Managing Director of our Swedish partner.

Open CODESYS standard as a big advantage

What has always been Berghof's philosophy has proven to be a great advantage not only in this project: The company consistently relies on the open standard of CODESYS.

Ideal conditions for our Swedish partner to be able to serve its customers in its special field - motion applications with servo drives - in the best possible way when it comes to controls and touch panels: "My customers want maximum performance in minimum space and no technological shackles from a proprietary solution - and thanks to Berghof I can deliver exactly that".