The upgrade for your secure future

Competitiveness means adapting to constantly changing requirements, avoiding production downtimes or keeping production costs low, including maintenance. Missing functional extensions or spare parts cause a long path of suff ering. The new acquisition of the entire automation is usually described as inevitable.

Not like that at Berghof. For us, the optimum solution is the most important issue - this can only mean the replacement of a few components, e.g. the control system. Existing technology such as cabinets, cabling or even drive technology does not necessarily have to be replaced in every case.

Our experts support and take over the entire upgrade and retrofi t process to keep your efficiency at a maximum: from analysis, product selection and project planning to programming, assembly, commissioning and training.

We guarantee minimum downtimes of the production plants and take care of a cost-optimized implementation. Ensuring compatibility with existing plants and mixed operation with old and new technology is a focus on which we attach great importance. In order to guarantee the retrofi tting of further functions and to be able to react optimally to every situation, your old control system is kept available as a backup.

Retrofit offers numerous advantages:

  • Increase in production volume and product quality through new functions
  • Ensuring the supply of future spare parts
  • Reduction of downtimes and service uncertainties
  • Predicitve Maintenance
  • Retrofitting of automation technology possible at any time
  • Cheaper than a new purchase
  • Legal Compliance
  • Fast availability

Our recipe for success - the 5 phases of retrofitting:

1. Analysis:

We analyse your plant for potentials to prepare the best possible solution for you

2. Planing:

We will prepare an offer and adapt our concept to your wishes

3. Programming:

Combining the migration of the existing program with new functions or rebuilding the logic

4. Assembly/Commissioning:

We replace your old control unit with our newly programmed unit and put the system into operation

5. Service:

We accompany your production and serve as your contact for all your questions during and after the process


Enjoy all the advantages of your retrofitted system. We will continue to assist you with training
& support if required.