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Operating panels

Robust, comfortable and flexible

B-Primis ET-Pro operating panels with a resistive touch display.

A multi-layer front foil structure with a high degree of resistance against many types of chemicals, a particularly warp-resistant construction of the mechanical equipment in a metal housing, a niche-free, clean front with no edges: When developing our control panels, we pulled out all the stops so that you can use these devices effortlessly even under adverse conditions.

Other features at a glance:

  • Available in 4", 7", 10" and 15"
  • Permitted for use in residential areas
  • 800 MHz ARM® CPU A9
  • Up to 4 GB RAM / 512 MB Flash / 64 bit Bus
  • Tool-free snap-in installation
  • Intuitive, centralized service home page for configuration on the device
  • bright displays (>400 Cd/m²)
  • Universally usable HTML5 web browser
  • Target visualization via the VNC protocol
  • Quick and easy firmware updates via USB

Your selection from the B-Primis ET-family: