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Raspberry Pi CODESYS control solution


Modular controllers

B-Nimis MC-Pi Prime

High-performance CODESYS quad-core controller based on Raspberry Pi®

This more powerful addition to the MC-Pi Pro offers the same features with the addition of extra interfaces and a uSD card slot. Time-saving updates via USB and uSD card for the firmware or customer applications in the field are, therefore, no longer a problem. In addition, the Prime model can be optimally evaluated, analyzed or modified by saving or backing up data or configurations on the SD card of the PLC.

As with its predecessor, the MC-Pi Prime can be put into operation quickly and easily by using pre-configured devices or an automatic configuration via a USB stick.

USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN and Bluetooth make this Raspberry Pi-based CODESYS PLC truly the automation solution of the future.

Other features at a glance:

  • Up to 2GB RAM / 8GB Flash / 200kB Retain
  • 4x host USB 3.0
  • 1x uSD (SDXC)
  • Compatible with Berghof’s entire standard portfolio
  • Integrated EtherCAT communication system
  • Industrial temperature ranges
  • CODESYS standard
  • Optimized real-time behavior
  • WLAN & Bluetooth optional
  • Cycle times down to 500 μs
  • Outstanding visualization performance
  • Compute Module 4
  • Available with all common fieldbuses
  • Certificates for international use are available

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