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Automotive control solution


Transport technology

Automotive control solutions from Berghof

Pioneering automation technology – with over 40 years of experience in automation technology, Berghof is one of the pioneers in the industry, including in the field of control solutions for automated guided vehicle (AGV) and electric monorail systems (EMS).

A proven track record

Many customers all over the world use various intralogistics and industrial transport technology applications from Berghof; well over 20,000 controllers are in daily use in the EMS area alone.

Berghof set a milestone by introducing the CANtrol® Powertrack, which enables communication via contact conductors, and is still one of the leading innovators in this area.

Tailor-made solution

Thanks to a managed process, Berghof is able to realize individualized products in the shortest possible time.

Highly qualified and optimally coordinated teams, sophisticated processes, close coordination of all process sequences with short decision-making paths and implementation times make Berghof a strong partner at your side.

Smart distribution

A modern book transport system that ensures the smooth collection and distribution of books in libraries. The City Library at Mailänder Platz is the central library of the Stuttgart City Library. On an area of 20,200 square meters there are more than 500,000 books, films, texts and much more to borrow and look at.

Thanks to a highly sophisticated book collection system and the forwarding of the books to their storage spaces, it is possible to achieve smooth operation and enable visitors to get new books in the shortest possible time. Only a perfectly adapted and well-designed controller can perform the feat of handling this many books per day.

Perfect adaptation

The horizontal and vertical transport of door panels with just one system – not a challenge for a Berghof controller.

Automatic product identification and reliably smooth and efficient switch crossings.

Benefit from the high availability of your system and minimal disruption times thanks to particularly durable hardware assemblies with robust construction and electronics

By opting for our control solution, you get:

  • A fast and safe system thanks to the integration of sophisticated safety technology, which has been implemented with a corresponding hardware concept
  • Infrastructure 4.0 through standardized hardware interfaces and an open software architecture with ingenious basic functions and standard modules
  • Predictive maintenance via the transmission of operating and diagnostic data to the control system
  • Minimum commissioning costs through the use of Berghof’s intelligent simulation tool
  • Lowest possible service expenses thanks to maintenance-free vehicle controllers and simple tooling
  • Dependable solutions to any problems that may occur through a comprehensive support concept
  • A reliable supply of spare parts thanks to a long product life cycle and backwards-compatible future developments
  • Competitiveness on a global scale with components certified for worldwide use and a broad partner network