Control solution for heating, ventilation, air conditioning


Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

The smart way to control heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Improve comfort while saving energy and costs.

One of the key issues in building automation is the smart control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Modern control technology here not only ensures that people in the building feel comfortable under any weather conditions and at any time of the year and that there is always a healthy indoor climate – it also optimizes the building's energy consumption and protects the building from damage, for example, due to excessive humidity.

Easy, fast and reliable

Berghof’s high-performance controllers are already adapted to meet the special requirements of HVAC applications from the get go so that you can integrate all your data points effortlessly, quickly and reliably. A good example is the all-in-one controller B-Fortis CC-Prime with its integrated analog and digital I/Os.

Tailor-made software

Since every piece of hardware is only as good as the software that runs on it, Berghof went the extra mile to offer a suitable solution here as well: namely Berghof CODESYS for building automation (IEC-61131-3), our project planning software, which covers the entire range of functions for optimized building and infrastructure automation.

System overview

Berghof’s CODESYS provides the following benefits to programmers and users:

  • Support of heterogeneous system architectures consisting of components such as compact controllers for individual room monitoring, display controllers for room automation and operation as all-in-one devices, unit controllers and other systems used in building automation.
  • A non-proprietary software solution that makes it possible to use compatible devices from different manufacturers for building automation. Established industry standards such as OPC UA, BACnet, KNX and web technologies such as MQTT or REST API enable the flexible and reliable connection of external system architectures and cloud platforms.
  • Thanks to CODESYS web visualization, the facility manager can conveniently access individual room data via an Internet browser or collect this information in a device via data sources for monitoring purposes. Likewise, service technicians can view and modify the state data of primary systems, unit controllers, floor or application controllers via the Internet without being on site themselves.
  • Our software already comes equipped with all necessary options to maintain IT security by default in order to protect you against unauthorized access or data manipulation. The technologies we use are the same as the technologies used by online banking.