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Display PLC


Display controllers

Frameless, exclusive and impressively sharp

Something very special: B-Primis DC-Prime, the high-end capacitive display controllers from Berghof.

This more powerful addition to the DC-Pro series excels with a premium multi-touch display with an 85° viewing angle in all directions and particularly crisp color reproduction.

The 2mm thick, chemically hardened glass can also be used under difficult conditions, e.g. with gloves and even in the presence of water and dirt.

Also available as a dual-core device with up to 1 GB RAM, 2 GB Flash, 100 kB retain.

Other features at a glance:

  • Available in 7", 10” and 15"
  • Application update via USB
  • Permitted for use in residential areas
  • Application protection via tamper-proof hardware identification
  • Optional downgrading of the PLC cycle time down to 500μs
  • Three-wire measurement to compensate for line resistance
  • OpenVPN
  • Universally usable VNC + HTML5 web browser
  • Configurable inputs for counters and encoders
  • Control buttons for resetting / stopping / starting the PLC application
  • Integrated switchable termination resistors for the interfaces
  • Two-stage external HW watchdog
  • PT100/PT1000-compatible analog inputs
  • Separate power supply for the digital outputs in groups
  • Serial 9-bit multi-drop mode
  • Operating hours counter

Your selection from the B-Primis DC-family: