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CODESYS control system


Compact controllers

B-Fortis CC-Prime

Compact, powerful and versatile!

The name speaks for itself: The B-Fortis CC-Prime is the top model from Berghof’s all-in-one controller series.

This versatile compact PLC is an absolute powerhouse that offers great performance and plenty of room for interfaces and functions.

Thanks to the use of fully uniform standard components, the same form factor and a consistent interface arrangement, the CC-Prime is not only easy to configure, install and maintain, but also very attractive in terms of price.

Other features at a glance:

  • Configurable inputs for counters and encoders
  • Two-stage external HW watchdog
  • PT100/PT1000-compatible analog inputs
  • Application update via USB
  • Application protection via tamper-proof hardware identification
  • Optional shortening of the PLC cycle time down to 500 μs
  • Variety of fonts
  • Universally usable VNC + HTML5 web browser
  • OpenVPN
  • Tool-free installation
  • Energy-saving components and software functions
  • Integrated interrupt/event inputs
  • Ethernet switch included as standard
  • Optional compatibility of the digital outputs with currents up to 1A
  • Suitable for multi-master operation
  • Serial 9-bit multi-drop mode
  • Operating hours counter
  • Buzzer and optional sound chip for mp3 playback
  • Analog I/O with up to 24-bit resolution

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