Berghof Retrofit Solutions

The upgrade that safeguards your future

We guarantee minimum downtime for production facilities and strive to achive a cost-efficient implementation. Ensuring compatibility with existing equipment, along with the simultaneous operation of old and new technologies, is a key focal point on which we place great value. In order to be able to retrofit additional functions and respond to any situation, your old control system can be reused at any time.

Retrofit offers many benefits:

  • Ensuring security of supply with future replacement parts
  • Retrofitting of automation systems at any time
  • Speed availability
  • Cheaper than purchasinig new products
  • Compliance with statutory requirements such as emission reduction and safety
  • Increase in production volume and product quality
  • All Berghof provided field buses are available on this product (EtherNet/IP, Profinet, OPCuA ...)
  • VPN-Connection
  • Cloud-Connection as service interface for maintenance